SUBLIMAGE Les ExtraitsHigh-powered rejuvenation

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Everything begins at night,SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de Nuit

SUBLIMAGEL'Extrait de Nuit

An exceptional serum enriched with an innovative complex of powerful active ingredients to:

Revitalise the skin;

Help accelerate its natural rejuvenating mechanisms;

Reveal, from the very first morning, a complexion with a rested, radiant appearance.

SUBLIMAGE L’ExtraitThe power of a serum and the sensuousness of an enveloping oil.


SUBLIMAGE L’Extrait de CrèmeThe sensuousness of a voluptuous cream and the power of an intense serum.

SUBLIMAGEL’Extrait de Crème

Vanilla Planifolia

Honed by CHANEL Research to provide 4 active ingredients with concentrated skin-enhancing properties: polyfractioned Vanilla Planifolia, éphémères of Planifolia, enfleurage oil and intense vanilla water.

Himalayan Swertia

Transformed through a process that results in an active ingredient complex specific to CHANEL, it revitalises the skin.

SUBLIMAGE Les ExtraitsA one-of-a-kind blend of active ingredients for a comprehensive effect on the skin.

SUBLIMAGE Les ExtraitsThe ritual

High-powered rejuvenation

An exceptional skincare line with highly sensorial formulas.

Ultra-effective skincare in precious, refillable packaging.