Le lift Lift your beauty*

Le Lift

Composed of up to 96% naturally derived ingredients, LE LIFT skincare produces visible and targeted results.

Skin is left smooth, firm, and luminous.

Further enhance these effects with the LE LIFT TECHNIQUE.

Movements that are easy to perform during daily application and that are inspired by Kobido, a traditional Japanese massage technique.

*Lift your beauty

The tightening effect

After applying LE LIFT Sérum, energize skin by performing specific movements, from the base of the neck up to the forehead.
For an instant tightening effect.

Skin that is smoother, firmer, and fortified
LE LIFT Sérum combines the potency of botanical alfalfa concentrate with a black peppermint PFA(1) complex, as antioxidant-rich as vitamin C(2).
A skincare product that offers double the benefits: smoothing and firming action, and a fortifying effect.
Firmer skin(3)
More luminous skin(4)
Smoother-looking skin(5)
(1) PFA: PolyFractioned Active. A CHANEL-specific process that allows for ultra-pure cosmetic ingredients.
(2) In vitro tests.
(3) Self-assessment completed by 33 women after 2 months of use.
(4) Clinical evaluation performed on 33 women, immediately after application.
(5) Self-assessment completed by 32 women after 1 month of use.
The smoothing and firming effect

Apply LE LIFT Crème from the base of the neck up to the forehead,
a movement that activates microcirculation.

A sensorial texture
Ultra-effective LE LIFT Crème comes in three sensuous textures: light, classic, and rich.
Personalized skincare for smoother, firmer skin that grows more luminous with each passing day.
Smoothed wrinkles(1)
(1) Clinical evaluation performed on 31 women, after 1 month of using LE LIFT Crème.
(2) Clinical evaluation performed on 31 women, after 1 month of using LE LIFT Crème Fine.
(3) Clinical evaluation performed on 32 women, after 1 month of using LE LIFT Crème Riche.
LE LIFT Flash Eye Revitalizer
The illuminating effect

Using a series of smoothing movements, apply the serum to the eye contour starting at the inner corners and moving toward the temples on the upper eyelids and under-eye area.

An instant and spectacular boost of radiance
Boosted by a vitamin-rich complex, LE LIFT Flash Eye Revitalizer is a duo of products for the eye contour that offers an instantaneous lifting effect. The serum, delivered via roll-on, provides immediate smoothing and firming action, which is enhanced by the patches.
Dark circles are diminished and the eye area appears well-rested.
Smoother skin(1)
(1) Clinical evaluation performed on 32 women, immediately after application.