The success of Gabrielle Chanel is the story of a unique rendezvous between talent and destiny: a visionary spirit emboldened by fortuitous encounters. Her impeccable style could only be matched by her born talent for inspired conversations—ceaseless creative dialogues that define the ethos of the House to this day.

Often paradoxical, the art of the creative encounter is as elegant as it is bold. It is the force that unites feminine and masculine, simplicity and opulence, present and future, the familiar and the unknown, technical expertise and spectacular dreams, timelessness and innovation, black and white.

What is beauty if not the story of many transformative encounters? Beauty is where shape meets colour, and shadow meets light. It is a dance between matter and illusion, between one’s imagination and one’s reality, between a woman and the destiny she defines for herself.

At CHANEL, beauty is the story of a sacred trinity: singularity, allure, and the act of becoming. It is an infinite journey that is nourished by the past, rooted in the present moment, and that looks boldly towards the future.

Driven by its innate appetite for creative exchange, CHANEL is pleased to present the COMETES COLLECTIVE, a group of emerging talents shaping the future of beauty. With the COMETES COLLECTIVE, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio accelerates its creative momentum, leveraging the power of diversity by empowering multiple points of view. This innovative and inclusive concept opens a new realm of possibility at the heart of the Studio.

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