Jung Jae-il (born in Seoul, Seoul and Berlin-based) is a composer, performer, music director and producer paving a new genre that fuses traditional Korean music with the sounds of western instruments. Based on a belief that music has no boundaries nor is it discriminatory, he has brought his unique tones, colours and styles to various genres including, but not limited to contemporary film soundtracks, musicals, jazz and pop. He is best known in the West for the soundtracks he created for two films by famed director Bong Joon-ho: Okja (2017) and Parasite (2019). Most recently, he served as music director on Netflix’s breakout hit Squid Game (2021). His credits also include collaborations with renowned Korean vocalist Park Hyo-shin, with whom he created the film and studio album entitled Beautiful Tomorrow. In recognition of his contributions to South Korean culture, Jae-il won the Korean Music Awards’ Crossover Album Award (2018 and 2015) and was honoured as The Best Artist of The Year by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2017.