What if you could dress your eyes in tweed? After almost a century of collections, CHANEL pulls the threads of the fabric to weave new harmonies and invite your eyes to indulge in a certain idea of elegance.

  • 1920

    Tweed fabric

    Gabrielle Chanel makes tweed her own. This fabric, originally from Scotland, revolutionizes a woman's allure. Feminine, masculine, modern and timeless all at once, it reveals women's beauty.

  • 2014

    Eyes dressed in tweed

    LES 4 OMBRES comes in 8 original harmonies inspired by the favorite fabric of Chanel. With the four eyeshadows, women can have as much fun with makeup as they do with fashion.

  • New interpretation of a classic

  • Timeless

    Sophisticated, androgynous, classic and always surprising, tweed can be worn in a variety of ways.