“Smell and you will see,” explains Jacques Polge, exclusive creator of fragrances for Chanel since 1978. The assiduous overseer of a unique olfactory heritage, M. Polge follows in the footsteps of the two legendary Chanel in-house perfumers, Ernest Beaux and Henri Robert. In his unique understanding of perfume, he believes that it should be nurtured like a mystery and understood like a language.

As Master Perfumer at Chanel, Jacques Polge selects only the most exceptional raw materials to create the noblest essences, and vigilantly ensures that the original scent of each fragrance is reproduced to the letter. But, at Chanel, being entirely faithful is a form of infidelity; beyond perfection, the modern spirit of Chanel demands innovation. Adopting “a very specific approach to creation, a reflection on style,” M. Polge at once reinvents and pays tribute to the story of Chanel.

“Fragrance is a form of poetry. It doesn’t speak but it gives so much.”

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