Gabrielle Chanel was a woman of striking contrasts. At times, she expressed her playful and extravagant side, inspired by the sumptuously baroque style of gilt wood and stunning lacquered finishes, rococo mirrors and opulent jewelry. At other times, she practiced strict minimalism, designing severe suits and the little black dress, all within the rigorous code of black and white.

The jewelry that Gabrielle Chanel created throughout her life captured this fusion of the austere and the ostentatious. In addition, or perhaps in contrast, to the costume jewelry that she introduced to the world, she also designed fine jewelry creations, giving free reign to her imagination to devise sophisticated, exceptionally precious pieces.

Through archival images, interviews and never-before-seen documents, this book is the first to explore an intriguing facet of Gabrielle Chanel: her singular passion for jewelry. In her view, jewelry should be appreciated "with innocence, with naivety, like enjoying an apple tree in blossom along the road as we speed by in a car."

Éditions de La Martinière.