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Limited edition
fragrance-beauty fragrance fragrance Women N°5 N°5 EAU DE TOILETTE PURSE SPRAY
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    3 x 20 ml

When Gabrielle Chanel created the famous 2.55 handbag, she included an inside pocket specially to hold her favorite fragrance: N°5.

To bring these two icons together once more, CHANEL introduces three N°5 'purse sprays'. Each one holds a different interpretation of the legendary fragrance: the Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette or Eau Première.

In its luxurious black lacquer design, trimmed with gold, the Eau de Toilette reveals its bouquet of abstract flowers with an indefinable femininity.

With a twist of the cap, the golden spray button comes up. With a press, the scent is applied. Discreetly. Absolutely...

Discover an accessory that allows you to enjoy the pleasure of being accompanied by the most iconic fragrance of all time.

20 ml spray sold with 2 refills.
Refills available separately (3x20 ml).

To use, discover a new technique: just as you would twist the base of a lipstick to reveal its color, all it takes is a twist of the base and a push/spray button appears at the top of the spray. Push down once to release a generous spray of N°5.