Coco MademoiselleCoco Mademoiselle


Limited edition
fragrance-beauty fragrance fragrance Women Coco Mademoiselle COCO MADEMOISELLE
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    200 ml

With its powdery pink "boudoir" feel, the COCO MADEMOISELLE bathing ritual invites you to delight in the pleasure of taking care of your body . Indulge in an intimate moment, centered around a scent whose harmony borders on insolence.

The velvet body oil is the ultimate touch in the COCO MADEMOISELLE bathing ritual.
Its refined scent envelops the body in the fragrant notes of COCO MADEMOISELLE. The stunning, sheer, dry oil texture gives skin a beautiful satiny sheen and leaves it feeling as soft as velvet. Sprayed onto the skin, it releases a fine shower of droplets that sink in immediately, so you can get dressed shortly after application. A delightful and elegant way to beautify the skin...

Modern and easy to hold, the faceted bottle, in a subtle shade of peach, offers a new interpretation of the codes of COCO MADEMOISELLE. Elegance with a touch of boldness.