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fragrance-beauty fragrance fragrance Women Chance CHANCE
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    200 g

A shimmering body cream with the floral notes of the CHANCE fragrance. A creamy texture that leaves the skin supple, moisturised and with a light iridescent veil of fragrance.

It comes and goes, it never stays still... and you have but a few seconds to seize your chance. It is unpredictable and appears when you least expect it, but if you decide to seize it, anything is possible.
"A chance came up, I seized it." Mademoiselle Chanel knew that her real chance was the one of her own creation, a state of mind, a way of being.
A shimmering body cream with the floral notes of the CHANCE fragrance that intertwines Pink Pepper, Jasmine and Amber Patchouli. In turn floral, spicy, sensual and gourmand, it is an unpredictable, elusive, ever-changing fragrance. Just like chance.

A complete perfuming ritual for the bath and body to enhance the floral scent trail of CHANCE. The shimmering body cream goes on generously and enhances the skin with an iridescent veil of fragrance. An enveloping and moisturising step within the ritual.