General Information


Can I get information concerning CHANEL financial results and strategy ?

CHANEL is a private, independent company. Thus, the financial results and strategy are not featured in our communication. However, you can find extensive information about the Brand, its creators and its products by visiting the website.

Can I order products on the website or by mail ?

There is no online sales service on our website.

We do not offer mail order services either.
Simply visit an authorised CHANEL point of sale included in the point of sale list by clicking here: STORE LOCATOR.

Can I receive a catalogue or brochure of your Fragrance and Beauty Products ?

We're sorry, but CHANEL does not publish a catalog or brochure for its cosmetic products. You can find the most complete and recent information about our products by visiting the website.
You can also visit an authorised Chanel point of sale to receive personalised advice. You will find a list of our points of sale by clicking here: STORE LOCATOR.

How can I contact CHANEL to request an internship or work position?

Simply send a mail for the attention of the Human Resources Manager, Chanel Limited, Queensway, Croydon, CR9 4DL.

How can I find out the prices of CHANEL products?

Fragrance and Beauty Products
Chanel Fragrance and Beauty products are sold via a network of authorised retailers, who set their own retail prices.
In an effort to assist its authorised retailers in the UK, CHANEL publishes a list of Recommended Retail Prices, which are also the prices applied by CHANEL for its Fragrance and Beauty products in its central London CHANEL Boutiques.
To find out the Recommended Retail Price for a particular fragrance or beauty product, please contact CHANEL on 0208 688 7131.

Fashion Products
Please contact the CHANEL Boutique on 0207 493 5040 for the current price of CHANEL fashion and accessory products available from our central London boutiques.

How can I receive advice on CHANEL products?

To receive product advice adapted to your needs, consult our Beauty Advisors in any authorised CHANEL point of sale. If you need advice from home, contact our Customer Relations Service at 0208 688 7131 Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Our Beauty Advisors will be happy to answer your questions.

How can I receive samples ?

In order for you to become familiar with our products and receive samples, you must visit an authorised CHANEL point of sale where a Beauty Advisor will help you and offer samples adapted to your skin needs. You can find the list of our points of sale thanks to our STORE LOCATOR on our website.

How can I stay informed of Fragrance and Beauty Product news at CHANEL ?

EMAIL SIGN UP on our website to receive regular e-mails about CHANEL beauty news.

What does the term "7th Amendment" mean ?

The 7th Amendment is a European Cosmetic Directive that notably introduces the obligation of labelling on cosmetic products of the period after the product is opened and the 26 substances listed as allergenic. This will be instated as of March 2005.
Moreover, as of 11th September 2004, the 7th Amendment makes information concerning the possible undesirable effects of cosmetic products and the qualitative and quantitative composition of the formula (INCI list) of potentially dangerous substances available to the public of the 25 European member states who request it.

Where can I buy CHANEL products ?

You can find CHANEL products in all authorised points of sale included in the point of sale list by clicking here: STORE LOCATOR.

I purchased a product on the Internet and I think it is a counterfeit. What can you do for me?

  • If the product was purchased outside of our distribution network:

  • The CHANEL company does not authenticate or provide certification for products purchased outside of its boutiques, points of sale or authorised websites.

    Please send us the vendor’s information (name and shop, whether it is an actual store or a website), so that we can verify if this is an authorised CHANEL retailer or not and take action with the aim of putting an end to counterfeit operations. If you have lodged a complaint against the vendor, we cooperate with the authorities who registered this complaint in order to provide them with information about the product in question.

    We would like to inform you that, in general, websites are particularly subject to counterfeit sales. In your own interest, we recommend purchasing CHANEL products only in CHANEL boutiques, points of sale or authorised CHANEL websites, where there is no risk of receiving counterfeit products.

  • If the product was purchased in our distribution network:

  • Please send us the product, accompanied with proof of purchase, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, to CHANEL Customer Service - CHANEL Limited, Queensway, Croydon, CR9 4DL, United Kingdom. We can then authenticate the product to determine if it is a counterfeit or not.

    If the product that you have sent us is a counterfeit, we will keep this product in order to destroy it. If you wish, we can send you a certificate proving that it is a counterfeit so that you can lodge a complaint against the vendor in order to receive compensation for your financial loss.

    Fragrances always "fade" on me. What should I do ?

    To preserve the integrity of the original fragrance, we recommend that you do not apply your fragrance directly to your skin, but to the inside or lining of your clothes.

    How can I keep my fragrance for as long as possible without it losing its original character ?

    The traditional enemies of fragrance are heat, air and light. So we suggest you always close your perfume bottle tightly, if possible keep it in its original packaging (if there is too much light in the place where you store it) and, of course, keep it away from any source of heat. By following these simple rules, your fragrance will keep for several years.

    How can I obtain CHANEL fragrance miniatures ?

    CHANEL currently produces very few miniatures, and these are only made for the parfums. However, the Brand regularly provides authorised CHANEL perfumeries with samples of eau de toilette and eau de parfum in the form of mini-sprays, so you can discover the fragrances.
    To find your nearest authorised CHANEL point of sale, see the STORE LOCATOR section of our website.

    How do you choose your fragrance ?

    Choosing a fragrance is something very personal and we tend to choose our fragrance based on our habits or olfactory memory. This memory is often linked to our emotions or even our lifestyle. If you would like some help in choosing a CHANEL fragrance, we recommend that you visit one of the brand's authorised points of sale. An in-depth discussion with one of our Beauty Advisors will help guide you. To find your nearest authorised CHANEL point of sale, we suggest you consult the STORE LOCATOR section of our website. You will also find a description of all our fragrances in the Fragrance section of our website.

    I can no longer smell my fragrance when I've been using it for some time. What should I do ?

    First of all, this is quite normal and due to the fact that you have become accustomed to the scent. As a result, you can no longer perceive it on yourself as you used to. But don't worry - other people will still be able to smell your scent. There is a simple way to enhance your usual scent if you wish: use one or two complementary products from the fragrance range, such as a body cream or lotion. These leave a delicate fragrant film on your skin, so you can sense your fragrance all day long. The Fragrance section of our website presents all our fragrances and complementary products.

    What is the difference between the parfum, eau de parfum and eau de toilette ?

    All three have the same olfactory base, but each formulation varies in terms of accords, enhancing or optimising the effects sought by the perfumer. Their concentrations are also often different and more appropriate for certain lifestyles. The parfum is traditionally reserved for evening use, while the eau de parfum or eau de toilette tends to be worn in the daytime.

    Where and how should you apply fragrance ?

    There are two ways of applying fragrance :

  • Directly to the skin, to pulse points such as the wrist or neck to intensify the fragrance. The alchemy between your fragrance and your skin will add a very personal seductive touch.
  • To your clothes, to preserve the integrity of the original fragrance. Be careful however: some fabrics are delicate and perfume can stain them. Because of this, we recommend that you always apply fragrance to the inside or lining of your clothes.
  • Where can I find your fragrances N°22, Cuir de Russie, Gardénia and Bois des Iles ?

    You can find new releases of the fragrances of Mademoiselle CHANEL, created in the 1920s, exclusively in CHANEL Boutiques.
    Our staff there will be happy to help you discover the fragrances.
    To find your nearest CHANEL Boutique, see the STORE LOCATOR section of our website.

    Can I apply makeup every day without damaging my skin ?

    All makeup products are designed to be non-comogenic. Therefore, you can use makeup every day. But there's one absolute rule: you must completely remove your makeup every night. This essential step is one of the secrets of lovely skin.

    Can I use a waterproof mascara all year long without damaging my lashes ?

    Don't worry, waterproof mascaras are formulated to prevent lash damage. But be sure to remove lash makeup with a specific makeup remover such as Démaquillant Yeux Intense. Our makeup removers are enriched for the beauty of your lashes.

    How can I buy the "star product of the season" when it is sold out ?

    When the product is gone, it's gone! This is a limited edition, a fashion product with preset quantities. The only solution is to keep an eye out each season by reading the press or visiting our CHANEL website to discover the latest creations. If you fall in love with the product, don't hesitate to visit an authorised CHANEL point of sale, which you can find by clicking here: STORE LOCATOR.

    How can I find my own makeup style ?

    Makeup often reveals your personality or simply your mood. In reality, finding your style is about knowing how to look at fashion and select only the factors that suit and please you. There are a few basic rules. For example, the choice of foundation. Then, listen to your moods and desires, the season and the image you want to express to others. There are two ways to approach makeup: one is more practical - the makeup enhances your beauty or natural radiance - and the other is more playful - a game that expresses your mood at the time.

    How can I make my lipstick stay put for longer ?

    Use a lip pencil to trace the contour of your lips and colour them in before applying your lipstick. The colour will hold much better. Then apply your lipstick. Absorb excess product with tissue and lightly powder your lips. Finally, apply your lipstick again for long- lasting results.
    One last tip: we recommend using LIP CORRECTION lip care. This lip care is specifically formulated to prevent lips from cracking and lipstick from "bleeding".

    How do I apply blusher ?

    Choose light shades to illuminate your complexion or dark shades to structure your face. Apply blush with a brush on the top of cheekbones for light shades and in the hollow of cheekbones for darker shades. This interplay of light and shadow contours your face.

    How do I apply my foundation ?

    The creators of CHANEL makeup recommend applying foundation with your fingertips.
    Dispense some foundation onto the back of your hand for easy application.
    Dab it on with the fingers of your other hand, starting at the centre of the face and smoothing outwards.

    How do I keep my makeup from fading during the day ?

    The two most common reasons for this are the choice of an inappropriate texture or poorly prepared skin. Makeup bases help ensure perfect hold.
    One tip: If you go out in the evening and are prone to excess sebum, press an ice cube quickly over your face and pat dry with a tissue. This will set your makeup and stimulate your radiance. Works like magic!

    How should I apply evening makeup ?

    Evening makeup is different from day makeup. In the evening, you should choose a lighter foundation shade for greater radiance. You can also accentuate eye and lip makeup, which will be enhanced by a light complexion.

    How should I choose my foundation ?

    You should choose your foundation according to your desired makeup result and your skin type.
    It is important to know your skin type in order to choose the texture of your foundation i.e. fluid, cream or compact. Your skin should feel comfortable, pleasant and natural.
    Always choose a foundation in a tone slightly lighter than your natural skin tone for a more luminous effect. A dark foundation will not enhance your complexion.

    How are you dressed ?
    In the same way as you would expect to dress differently for the office, in the evening or at the weekend, your makeup result will also vary depending on your needs.

    A Beauty Advisor will help you target your needs and desires in any authorised CHANEL point of sale, which you can locate by clicking here on STORE LOCATOR.

    My eyeshadow doesn't last very long. How can I make it stay put ?

    Do not apply cream to your eyelids. Absorb excess sebum with a tissue, then lightly powder eyelids with loose powder. To increase hold, you can also dampen the eyeshadow when using Quatre Ombres, Ombre Unique and Irréelle Ombre.
    Dry applicator well before putting it back in the case.

    What shade of powder should I choose ?

    The creators of CHANEL makeup always recommend a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, just like foundation. This lights up your complexion and makes it more translucent.

    Can you use moisturiser under your sunscreen ?

    There is no contraindication. In fact, a sunscreen should complement your daily skincare products. We recommend that you apply your usual moisturiser in the morning, then wait a few minutes before applying your sunscreen.

    From what age should we start acting to prevent the signs of ageing ?

    From as early as age 25, cell renewal slows down and the first signs of ageing occur, although they may be invisible at first. From this age, we suggest that you use the AGE DELAY skincare products: the serum, the eye gel and the daily moisturisers. These products protect the face against harsh environmental elements, actively prevent the effects of ageing and correct the first signs of ageing.

    How can I choose the skincare products that are best for me ?

    A skincare product is even more effective when it acts with precision on your skin. To choose the products most suitable for you and to identify your skin's needs, we suggest that you complete the PRECISION Diagnosis. Developed by CHANEL Research, the PRECISION Diagnosis takes into account both your lifestyle and the characteristics of your skin. It is a highly dependable tool that can recommend products that are perfectly adapted to your skin type.
    There are several ways for you to complete the Diagnosis: by visiting an authorised CHANEL PRECISION point of sale (see the STORE LOCATOR section of our website); or by contacting Customer Relations Service on 0208 688 7131 (open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm).

    How often should I repeat my PRECISION Diagnosis ?

    As a general rule, we advise you to repeat your diagnosis at least twice a year, when the seasons change, or again, when you replace one of your CHANEL PRECISION products.
    However, there are other factors that can change your skin, such as convalescence, stress, a specific climatic environment or simply a change in lifestyle. It is therefore preferable that you repeat your PRECISION Diagnosis to see if your skin's needs have changed.

    How often should you use a face mask ?

    Today, there are several types of face mask designed to meet different skin needs. As a general rule, you can use a face mask one to three times a week. If you would like a more precise answer that is truly tailored to your skin's needs, we suggest you visit an authorised CHANEL PRECISION point of sale, where a Beauty Advisor will be able to give you all the information you need. To find your nearest store, click on STORE LOCATOR .

    I have sensitive skin. What do you suggest I should use ?

    Skin sensitivity has been studied by CHANEL's fundamental research centre, the CE.R.I.E.S.*, which has shown that there are several types of sensitivity: contact sensitivity, environmental sensitivity and sun sensitivity. In order to determine exactly what type of skin sensitivity you have, we suggest you complete the PRECISION Diagnosis for the most precise product recommendation. There are several ways for you to take the Diagnosis: by visiting an authorised CHANEL PRECISION point of sale (see the STORE LOCATOR section of our website); or by contacting Customer Relations Service on 0208 688 7131 (open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm).

    * The CHANEL Epidermal and Sensory Research and Investigation Centre

    In what order should I use my skincare products ?

    Generally speaking, you should apply skincare products in the following order: cleanser, toner, serum (if your product recommendation includes the use of two serums, we advise you to use one in the evening and the other in the morning), then your daily moisturiser. However, with some products this order of application can change, so it is worth seeking advice from your authorised CHANEL PRECISION point of sale. To find your nearest point of sale, see the STORE LOCATOR section of our website.

    Is it important to use a night cream ?

    Studies have shown that cell renewal is more active at night. The skin is more receptive and active ingredients are therefore more effective. A night cream enables the skin to regenerate itself more effectively, but it must also suit your skin profile. So don't deprive your skin of a night cream - especially since these are now available with delicately perfumed, non-greasy textures. The only trace they leave on your face is an instant feeling of comfort.
    CHANEL PRECISION anti-ageing night creams are formulated to work in synergy with the day creams.