Haute Joaillerie


True to its tradition of excellence, CHANEL has developed exceptional timepieces based on the aesthetic principles of the J12.

With classical grace, the Haute Joaillerie collection transforms J12 Classic timepieces, adorning each watch with baguette-cut precious stones. Adorned with white or pink gold and with black or white high-tech ceramic, the dials and bezels are gem-set in a thousand different ways.

The art of gem-setting, a traditional craft handed down over the centuries, requires up to 350 hours of craft work per watch. The most precious stones and black high-tech ceramic baguettes are cut, facetted and positioned to the nearest micron.

The jewellery versions of the J12, manufactured for the most part in limited series, encapsulate CHANEL know-how in a dazzling combination of the discipline of watchmaking and the poetry of jewellery.