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fragrance-beauty skincare skincare BY CATEGORY SerumsConcentrate LE BLANC
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The fine pearl is the model of perfection and radiance that inspired the creation of the LE BLANC ritual.

The 28-night treatment contains the best brightening ingredients to intensively repair immediate and long-term darkening damages thanks to powerful brightening actions:

- TXC ™ molecule, the exclusive* and best brightening ingredient by CHANEL, neutralizes dark spots formation upon application up to 12 hours, at every skin cell layer.

- BRS molecule inhibits melanin oxidation and build-up at skin surface, preventing melanin polymerization, the immediate skin-darkening phenomenon.

In addition, Pearl Protein Extract illuminates dull and yellow skin tones, while moisturizing at the same time.

You wake up with smooth, supple skin that is more radiant than ever. Dark spots are dramatically reduced in size, contour and color intensity.

Your brightening beauty is preserved over time.

*Active developed on the basis of a technology exclusive to CHANEL. International patent application.

Apply in the evening, instead of the concentrate, to entire face, eye contour and neck, during 28 nights, after the lotion and before the cream. Follow with the exclusive CHANEL Night Pearl Massage.

One bottle is equivalent to a single week of application. For radiant skin, use the Intensive Night Brightening Treatment two or three times a year.