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fragrance-beauty skincare skincare BY CATEGORY Moisturizers LE LIFT
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A customized anti-aging skincare product that adapts to the background of your skin.
Your emotions, lifestyle and environment play a more decisive role than your genetic programming. LE LIFT detects the background of your skin to reactivate youth mechanisms more effectively.
A smart technology for targeted effectiveness that gives skin the response that suits it best. Skin regains suppleness, resilience and elasticity. Features appear lifted. Even deep wrinkles are smoothed.
Clinical tests after 1 month using LE LIFT cream:
Firmness: +17%*
Redefined facial contour: +24%*
Wrinkle surface area: -20%**

*Clinical evaluation on 31 participants
**Instrumental test on 30 participants

At the heart of the formula lies an exclusive* natural ingredient that is purer, more powerful and more concentrated than ever, achieved after 12 years of research:** 3.5-DA.

*Exclusive ingredient developed for CHANEL
**Research conducted by a partner

The texture of the Crème: delicate, creamy, balanced.

Apply LE LIFT cream to face and neck, morning and evening, with rapid smoothing movements. Avoid the eye contour.