Technology to the benefit of aesthetics
When the minute hand approaches the crown built into the dial, it starts moving backwards around the dial until it is positioned on the other side of the crown: an entirely new retrogradation (return journey) design in the world of fine mechanical complications. So that the watch continues to give the time while the minutes hand is reversing, a digital minute counter is displayed in a magnifying aperture at 6 o'clock: between minutes 11 and 19, the time is therefore read with the classic hour hand and the figures which appear in this aperture. The watch remains totally accurate, further improved by its tourbillon. The winding crown is retractable: when disconnected from its various functions (winding and setting the time), it is pushed in and remains locked in the down position. Simple pressure brings it out of its housing, with no ill effect on the running of the watch, to restore its functions.