The exceptional purity, rarity and brilliance of diamonds have made them the most precious stones in the world, and absolute symbols of eternal love. Their name comes from the Greek "Adamas," meaning invincible, in reference to their extreme hardness.

    Diamonds come in a variety of colors, ranging from the so-called "colorless" diamonds, whose coloration is classified in according to an internationally recognized scale, to those rarer cases of diamonds with clearly-defined colors, such as yellow, blue, pink, champagne, black or green.

    A diamond's quality depends on perfect combinations of four criteria that can vary endlessly, making each gem truly unique.


    The black diamond is one of the most fascinating colored diamonds. Unlike the colorless diamond or diamonds of other colors, the black diamond is opaque.

    The physical particularities of the black diamond require a cut of exceptional precision, so as to better bring out its uniformity of color and exceptional brilliance.

    Placing the black diamond alongside the white diamond emphasizes the contrast and brings out the personality of this unique stone.