An unprecedented anti-aging approach

LE LIFT is an anti-aging skincare line with intuitive technology, inspired by a science that sheds new light on the causes of skin aging: epigenetics.

LE LIFT Sérum is concentrated with two ultra-powerful ingredients: 3.5-DA,* the exclusive anti-aging active ingredient of the LE LIFT line, and Resveratrol-12, a uniquely structured molecule that diffuses its exceptional firming and smoothing power inside the skin. This serum offers unprecedented effectiveness on wrinkles and loss of firmness.

*Exclusive ingredient developed for CHANEL based on a patented technology.


Is our genetic heritage really unchangeable?

Epigenetics demonstrates the impact of our environment, our stress level and our emotional background on gene expression and therefore on the synthesis of proteins responsible for the skin's youthfulness.

The effectiveness of LE LIFT products

Moments of joy, hardships, changes of environment…
Every day, the skin is marked by the emotions and events of your life.
Every day, the skincare products of the LE LIFT line adapt to the background of each woman
to target the individual causes of skin ageing.

The skin regains its suppleness, resilience and elasticity.
Features appear lifted. Facial contours look redefined.
Even deep wrinkles are smoothed.

* Immediate effect. Self-assessment by 30 women. Clinical evaluation on 30 women: immediate tensing effect: +11%.
** Instrumental test on 22 women. 12h tensing, smoothing and firming effect.
*** Clinical evaluation after one month on 30 women.